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A friend of your’s is a friend of ours.

Take a moment to fill out the retailer's request form. If you desire more urgent attention please email us at

Distributor Benefits

We pride ourselves on the quality of our cigars as well as our unrivaled customer services & vendor support. We go above & beyond, providing our retailers with amazing benefits such as Grade-A events that include models, artisan food, delicatessens & more. Every event includes a one-of-a-kind raffle prize (previous prizes include: Autographed Vernon Davis Framed Jersey, Hand-Made Piston Desk Clock from Red50 Designs).

We provide 24-7 customer support with unhindered access to the company owners. We understand the difficulties of running a successful brick mortar cigar retail store, this is the reason we work in tandem with all our retailers to provide the best experience. We guarantee that none of our cigars will be sold online or wholesaled to any mass retail distributors.

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